Ma-Loco Games is a young Indie Game company based in sunny Lisbon.


Started as a project in late 2016 and formed as a company in 2018 by a senior software engineering professional with a broad professional experience who finally got around to scratching his itch of making deep and challenging games that appeal even to Seen-It-All Old Seawolf Gamers, Ma-Loco Games makes games for PC and Mobile devices with a focus on complex, appealing and engaging gameplay.



Ma-Loco Games was officially created in 2018, the formalization of development work already being done on our first game. With a formal company also came our website as well as a Twitter and Youtube presence.


We finished the developed of and published Fireworks Maestro, a children's game for creating fireworks and music shows which was released for iPad and Android tablets at the end of the year.


We did work on the concept of our next game - Ten Thousand Parsecs - as well as some exploratory design and development work.


Early 2019:


We continued development work on Ten Thousand Parsecs and put out a mini-trailer for it, which introduces the main player station.


We implemented and published a major update to Fireworks Maestro, were we added a whole new Player area - the Tropical Island.


Present Day:


Development of Ten Thousand Parsecs is proceeding apace.


Check out our Twitter Feed and Youtube Channel for updates on major new work being completed in it. If you want to cooperate with suggestions and feedback, talk to us on Twitter, Youtube or even via e-mail.

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