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Follow your creativity to make your own music and fireworks show with your fingers.


Choose from 14 different music tracks - including Classics such as Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries - of varying difficulty, select your fireworks rockets and sparklers from a wide range of colors and effect combinations and make a spectacle to remember.


When you're happy with it, record your show, share it on the Internet and give your friends the ticket number so that they can see it themselves.


Fireworks Maestro is now in version 1.2 which brings a whole new play area and ambient sounds when idle.


If you are looking for the sypport page for this game, you can find it here


Below you can see two short videos we made about Fireworks Maestro, one an introduction to the game and the other an example player show.

Fireworks Maestro

The very first game from Ma-Loco Games, Fireworks Maestro is a game for iPad and Android Tablets where children can create music and fireworks shows, and then share those shows with their friends over the Internet.


This is a creative game with a light pictorial user interface designed to be accessible to everybody, even young children.

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