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Ten Thousand Parsecs

In a Galaxy were Humanity spreads out from its Home System in an ever expanding wave, stellar empires form, collide and fall and Mankind is still Alone, your desperate plan to establish a new colony in the far reaches of space using what little you have saved from your family's fortune - after betrayal and fall in one of Omicron X's many purges - is your only chance at survival.

Ten Thousand Parsecs is an in-development management simulation game from Ma-Loco Games, were you the player, with what little resources you managed to save after the purge that brought down your family and destroyed it's wealth, set up a new Station in an unexplored solar system, for survival but also seeking renewed fortune, power and maybe a place in History.


Attract the specialists you need, explore your system, gather its resources, discover its secrets, mine, produce, plunder, trade or be a safe haven for the less salubrious of characters in these far away reaches of space - there is more than one path to success.


Your Station is the center of your little island of civilization this far away from the Core Worlds - expand it to attract more specialists, to open new possibilities and protect yourself from the many dangers that you will find in these outer reaches of Human Space, but don't forget that the resources and possibilities in the system your are in are what will ultimately allow you to survive, grow and flourish.


The Empires of Man are out there, sources of manpower and trade. For now their focus is somewhere else, as their attention is spread across the vastness of Space, but many of them seek to expand and conquer and will not ignore forever a growing new power.


Others too are out there, people like you seeking a new future, some desperate, some daring, some dastardly.


In the fringes of Human Space, opportunity abounds ... and so does danger.